We produce plug&play units for air exchange with heat recovery (recuperative air conditioning chambers) intended to improve the quality of air in closed spaces with maximum energy conservation.

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Heat recovery units DSCLV- dropped ceiling

DSCLV units with heat recovery are intended to improve indoor air quality with maximum energy conservation for air flows of 200 to 750 m3/h, and are intended for installation under the ceiling. These units, primarily designed for work in schools, kindergartens, offices and residential buildings, are sound and thermally insulated, and with normal air flow they generate noise less than 49 dB(A), which makes them suitable for work in classrooms, offices and other areas where a low noise level is required. The enthalpy lamellar countercurrent exchanger (recuperator) ensures heat recovery of up to 92%.

The standard unit includes EC fans, filters, a countercurrent high-efficiency air recuperator and a water heater with valve regulation and operation control via an air quality sensor in automatic operation or manual adjustment of air flow and temperature via a wall-mounted control unit with LCD display.

The units come in versions with water heater, DX heater or electric preheater. They are guided according to temperature or air quality in two standard versions depending on the air flow.

We offer 2 standard models: DSCLV 0.5 and DSCLV 0.7.

We adapt other models and requested performances to the user’s request.

Noise measurement data: