We produce plug&play units for air exchange with heat recovery (recuperative air conditioning chambers) intended to improve the quality of air in closed spaces with maximum energy conservation.

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Modular units with heat recovery

Air conditioning chambers that are made in segments are available according to the customer’s request.

In addition to the standard elements that we use in the catalog compact units, we also deliver additional elements, all according to the needs and requests of the user.

Although primarily designed as units from the range of products with larger flows and thus dimensions, our standard units can also be produced in segments in the event that the unit cannot be brought to the installation site due to limited space, passage or easier transfer by cranes, and even when it is manual entry is the only option.

Although our modular units come in segments with clear connection instructions and all necessary screw material, wiring, installation of field equipment (sensors, motor drives, etc.) and control device is included in the price of our product as with compact units.

The calculation of these units is done according to the same principle as for compact units, using ErP directives and professional rules, as well as selection programs with Eurovent certificates from our exclusively EU suppliers, i.e. manufacturers of air conditioning components.

All of our modular designs are assembled and tested within the production facility before being transported in sections to the installation site. In certain cases, as additional proof of the correct performance and operation of the units, we offer test sheets from authorized companies in the price of the product.

We make the chambers in question upon request for the needs of residential or industrial ventilation, and we can offer and have so far delivered on the HR and EU markets versions from simple recuperation with a water or freon-powered heater and refrigerator for the needs of halls, up to recuperation with an integrated heat pump for indoor pools.