We produce plug&play units for air exchange with heat recovery (recuperative air conditioning chambers) intended to improve the quality of air in closed spaces with maximum energy conservation.

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Heat recovery units IRA

IRA units with heat recovery are intended to improve indoor air quality with maximum energy conservation for air flows from 2500 to 12500 m3/h. These compact or modular units ensure efficient ventilation and air conditioning of spaces (residential, business and industrial) with a heat recovery rate of up to 91% and low electricity consumption.

In the standard version, they contain a countercurrent recuperator, EC fans, filters on the supply and waste air side, a bypass blind and blinds on the fresh and waste air inlet. The units have an integrated automatic regulation and control unit based on the plug & play principle.

As an additional option, it is possible to use an electric, water or DX exchanger according to the needs of the user.

The anti-freeze protection of this unit makes it suitable for working with fresh air down to -15 °C. Sound and thermal insulation is provided by insulated panels with a thickness of 50 mm, and the strength of the structure is provided by aluminum profiles. The units are plasticized in RAL9010, and are suitable for external installation with additional options of a roof, draft hoods, and a base.

There are 4 standard orientations of the unit, and other versions are available according to the user’s request.

We offer 4 standard models: IRA 4, IRA 6, IRA 9 and IRA 12.

We adapt other models and requested performances to the user’s request.